8 Security tips everyone should follow


1. Remove GPS location from pictures before sharing them

if you don’t want people to know where the photo was taken.

Remove gps from photo

Right click the file and select properties, then go to the Details tab.

Press the blue text “Remove Properties and Personal Information”

Remove GPS

You can now select if you want to make a copy of the file and remove all the data from the picture, or select which ones you want to remove from the file.

If you are using a Mac computer Smallimage can be used.

2. Use two-step verification.

Two-step verification makes it a lot harder for some to force access or brute force.

Many sites already have this as an option (Facebook.com, Twitter, Google)

Other services is Duo Security this can be used for servers, websites ect. this is a free and paid service.

Duo Security two-step verification

3. Use secure password

A strong password should contain Letters(Normal and Capital), numbers and Special signs.

Bad password is like:

Your name
Same on multiple accounts

The best password is a Random generated, but they are hard to remember.

You can make easy passwords strong to like R3mb3er4u or make make a sentence “i like potatoes but only with sauce” will be ilpbows the add some Signs an numbers to that !lipb0ws

There are many Password generators i like this one http://generator.designeus.net/

Password manager is a great way to keep track of passwords and a single click logon, but  avoid browser based and online password mangers, they are always in risk of being compromised.

Change your password often a couple of time a year

4. Security questions

Don’t answer the question correct if the question is “What is your mother maiden name” there is a change you are not the only one in the world who knows that instead answer it with something random like “I like football”

5. Be careful what you post on social media

If you post something when you are on holiday, to people you don’t trust they can take advantage of that information, and if you do make sure it only your friends that can see it.
Remember don’t post stuff that can’t handle to be exposed, be careful with sensitive information it could bite you in the ass later.

6. Using another computer (Not owned by you)

Don’t save password and remember to logout from things you login to.
If it is possible Open the browser in private mode or incognito.

7. Lock your computer when you leave it

Never leave you computer unlocked, this will prevent someone from accessing you Computer when you are not there.
Use the Windows key + L key to lock a windows computer, and remember to have a strong password.

8. Read before you agree

Some free software contain more than you bargain for and mostly its crap that can be hard to get rid of or even malicious or scam software.
If you don’t agree delete it and find it somewhere else or another alternative program.
It is like this you get many of these Annoying useless tool bars – Even java is doing this for ask toolbar.


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