BeoPlay H6 by Bang and Olufsen

We are going to take a look the Beoplay H6 Headset from Bang and Olufsen(Designed by Jakob Wagner).

At a price of 399$ which in the high end of a Headset leaves some high expectations.


BeoPlay H6 Box

The box is made of high quality cardboard and feels nice.

BeoPlay H6 Box open

When the lid is off, you get presented to the headphones “which in my opinion look great” there are 2 strips to easily remove the foam box they are resting in.

BeoPlay H6 Box buttom

Underneath are the parts to the headphones

BeoPlay H6 Content 1

The box contains the BeoPlay H6 headphones, Bag for the headphones, Adapter for planes, Jack cable for the headphones, and a manual.

BeoPlay H6 Content 2

In the little black box, there a quick start brochure, warranty, and product registration.

BeoPlay H6 Content 3

The bag is made from a soft fabric an open enough so it is easy to fit in the headphones, and the closing strap feel like good quality and are easy to open and close. The cable is a soft rubber cable with a remote that controls volume up and down and have a function button ind the middle, Unfortunately the control does not work on a Android phone, but the microphone does work so it can still be controlled from the phone, but you will get most out of the remote if you are using a iPhone. the cable is 1.2 M and sometimes may come a little short.
There is nothing special to say about the flight Adapter.

The Headset(Beoplay H6)


BeoPlay H6 Headset 1

The Headset is combined by leather and aluminium and are very light(230g or 8.11oz), the aluminum is very nice machined and feels sturdy. B&O spend a lot of time choosing the right materials and i think that paid of for them, but in this price range I would say that’s expected.

BeoPlay H6 Headset 2

These one are the Naturally look, they also come with black leather. The outside is machined aluminum and gives a cool effect, i’m look forward to see how easy it will be scratched.
The top band is made by Cow leather which will age well.

BeoPlay H6 Earpad

The ear pad is made by Lambskin and memory-foam and are really comfortable to wear for hours, I wear glasses and many headset push to hard on the glasses and can give you a headache, this is not a problem with these headphones. they feel light to wear and have a good blocking of outside noise.

BeoPlay H6 Headset

A feature i like with these is that you can connect the cable in both sides, or connect a second pair of headphones if you you have a friend who wants to listen to music or video with you.

Pros and Cons

+ Pros
Build Quality
Feels great when wearing
Cable can connect at both sides.

– Cons
Cable remote only works on iPhone
Cable is a little short


I will not be going to much into the sound as it comes down to the person listening , and what kind of music plus i don’t have 5 or 10 headphones to compare them to.
It has a balanced sound and it works with almost all music i have been listening to, the bass is there but dominant, if you want a lot of bass, there are not for you.


197mm x 194mm x 40mm
7.6 x 7.6 x 1.6 in

8.11 oz

3.9 ft

Frequency range:

40 mm Custom designed driver with neodymium magnet

Sound Principle
Dynamic, Closed back
Driver is angled and have a bass port to optimize bass and distance.

You can buy them at B&O online store or at a B&O retail store, other electronic store may also have them.

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