Phillips Friends of hue – Bloom Wall art effect

Phillips Bloom for Hue

Here is a quick video of the Bloom for Hue, a little lamp designed to illuminate the wall. it works the same way as the Hue Bulbs.


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I used the Lampshade App for this video, its a simple app for android, with some basic features.

Here some screen from the Lampshade App.

Lampshade Manual bloomLampshade Moods bloom

It has a manual mode where you can select your choice of color and brightness or set the selected lamp or group to cycle through all the colors, and it have a Mood mode where there are some predefined color templates.

It a really simple app, but sometimes that makes it a lot easier and quicker to use. Thumps up for lampshade.

I will soon make a article about some of the App for hue i use and which ones i like.

Please leave a comment of what you think.


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