About Me

About Me the blogger

Paw Pedersen is my name, I am working as an IT-Supporter
My Job is to support and maintain customers IT setups and Support their users.


ITIL Foundation
Capa Software Building.


Windows Server, 2003 – 2012
Windows Active Directory
Windows Exchange 2007 – 2013
Windows 7,8,10
Office 2007 – 2016
Capa Software Deployment

I Also have a lot of hobbies, and that is the primary reason for this website / Blog.

I enjoy building thing instead of buying them, even though it sometime isn’t cheaper, but it gives an understanding of things which i like to get.
And it helps me build more thing.

I currently live in a little flat so i have to use my parents garage when building larger stuff, but i would like to get my own house and garage at some point.

Some of my hobbies;

Build electronics
Build Furniture
Drone Flying
Mountain Biking
Photographing and Video Filming.

If you want to Contact me please use this Form:


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This page features all of the photographs from my posts. It can take some time for the page to fully load...... [huge_it_gallery id="2"]

Thank You

Thank You

Thank you for you contribution. I appreciate it.   What does the contribution go to ?  It helps me finance some projects, and make better videos and blogposts, and every little bit helps. Best Regards Paw Pedersen  



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