Homemade Camera Gimbal Finished

Homemade Camera Gimbal Finished (Almost)

So my Gimbal project is reached a state where i can call it almost finished. Of course such a project will always have place for improvements, But for now it is in a working order.

A lot of people have been asking me for the drawings / plans for the build. but the thing is it turned out pretty different from my original drawings, so i had to make new drawings.

Homemade Camera Gimbal

The Gimbal is working pretty good but i still have some tweaks to make on it.

  • I can’t get the joystick to work properly only in one axis. The other keeps spinning even when the joystick is in the middle position, so for now i can only control the yaw axis with the joystick – my plan is to try another joystick.
  • The padding on the handle needs be of some other material – already ordered.
  • Missing quick release for the camera, right now its only a bolt – already ordered.
  • I maybe need a more powerful motor for the yaw axis.
  • I need a way to lock all axis or a case when transporting it.

The Build Videos

The Parts list

Some are affiliate links.

Gimbal Controller

Bluetooth module

Battery – I decided to make a internal battery instead. From an old laptop battery – 18650 cells you can see more here – https://pixeljunk.dk/diy-3s-battery-pack/

Carbon bike handle – Select the one that is the most straight.

M3 bolts

6mm Aluminum plate – i had this laying around so don’t have a link for that.

M3 Nylon spacers an bolts – Used these to mount the controller and the acc.

Bar ends / handles – I bought these at a local bike shop.

The Drawings

The drawings are in pdf, and should be correct size if you print them on A4 without any scaling.

I have to say these have not been tested or build after so it is at your own risk.



3 axis gimbal cad drawing

01 -Pitch Camera Mount

02 – Pitch Motor Mount

03 – Roll pitch motor mount

04 – Roll yaw motor mount

05 – Yaw Roll Motor mount

06 – Yaw Top Motor Mount

07 – Handle bar mount


The tools i used for this build.

To build the Camera Gimbal i used the following tools.

  • Jigsaw with metal saw-blade
  • Drill press
  • metal files
  • sandpaper
  • Various metal drill-bits
  • countersink
  • M3 thread-tap
  • soldering iron

I had a lot of fun building this and also some challenges – there a things i wish i did differently but it turned out OK.

If you are considering building one likes this and are not familiar with the tools i listed and basic electronics i will not recommend this. And thou i would like to help you with building one i simply do not have the time to do so, but i will try to answer if you have any questions.
Also this build is not rated for cameras heavier than the Sony a6000 – it will need more powerful motors.

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  1. Antonio ruju February 24, 2017

    Hi, What motor do you suggest for a 1kg camera? (gh4)

  2. Showilo Sujan July 23, 2018

    How much does it cost to finish your whole project?

  3. Krishnendu Ghosh February 11, 2019

    Hello brother, your 3 Axis camera gimbal is awesome, is it too heavy to use? How much does it cost? Can it be made by carbon fibre for lighter version.

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